Most D2C businesses struggle to provide a seamless Customer Experience to scale their business effectively.

KartMax solves that problem for you!

India’s leading womens ethnicwear brand witnessed 45% increase of eCommerce conversion, while scaling up of business revenues by over 400% in the last 12 months on KartMax

One of the largest Fashion value retail chains in India grossed over 3,000 orders per day in a quick eCommerce launch during the Covid lockdown on KartMax


KartMax is the new-age Technology Solution to take your Business to the next level.

AI for higher conversions

Each Customer has a unique personal. Their buying patterns could be different. In the age of AI, let the computer decide the Catalog showcase, tailor-made for each customer, to increase the sales conversion.

Design with Freedom

KartMax is highly flexible. Make your website look like the way you want. Header, Footer, Catalog, Product Pages, Landing Pages – you have total flexibility to edit their designs. Start with the readily available conversion-focused templates or design your own. Your choice.

Easy Reconciliation

Account reconciliation could be a hassle, but not with KartMax. Thanks to its carefully designed modules, you will be on top of how reconciliation of the Prepaid payments, as well as COD payments. You should know about any gaps immediately.

Operate without worry

Running a successful eCommerce platform has many moving parts. KartMax makes it easy to manage them all. We have taken care of Technology, with predictability and performance, so that you can focus on running your business.

User Experience Management


Slow webpages are the #1 conversion-killer. KartMax protects your business from it. Open super fast website to hold your customer’s attention.

Order Tracking

Customers want to know when their product will arrive. KartMax integrates with your WMS and Logistics Partner to give a seamless Order Tracking experience.

Easy Account Access

Make your website easily accessible across all devices – Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets. And even the native mobile Apps.

Returns Processing

Managing Returns could be a hassle if not implemented properly. KartMax handles arranging Reverse Logistics to automated refund.

Unlock the potential. Don't be limited by your current solutions!

Payment  /  Logistics  /  UX / Notifications  /  Loyalty  /  Smartech

sorted for your Business by KartMax.

Industry Partners

KartMax is developed by GreenHonchos, one of India’s largest 360-degree eCommerce Service Providers & Consultants. From startup brands who need a one-stop-shop cart to large enterprises of international repute looking for scale – GreenHonchos provides a one-stop solution by advising across services, such as Technology, Marketing, Operations & Marketplace Management.

With KartMax, GreenHonchos brings to the table its decade long experience in India’s eCommerce domain.


Yes, and more. There is no limit. However we have tested it for 100+ orders every minute together with 10,000+ visitors per minute. That translates into 6,000+ orders and 6 lakh visitors every hour. So, run large Marketing campaigns, EOSS Sale, or product launches without worry.

Yes. KartMax works great for Omni-channel and Hyperlocal use-cases. We have also partnered with Fynd to enable each of your store work seamlessly with the Website to give a unified customer experience across online and offline.

Yes. Definitely. With KartMax product feed, merchants allow Facebook or Google to run automated catalog Ads!

Absolutely. KartMax excels at it. It is ready with conventional SEO as well as Structured Data, which helps Google understand your product listings much better.

Sure. With our powerful CMS, edit the pages you want. Build the designs you can imagine.

Yes. Just bring your GTM ID, and it will integrate with it. You can control GA, Facebook, and other marketing pixels from within GTM.

Sure, we will be happy to answer them, click here.